Canine AcuTouch

How It Works

Canine Acutouch

Canine AcuTouch (C.A.T.) is an innovation in canine wellness and health maintenance that optimizes the quality of life for your best friend.  Integrating 3 proven therapies that intersect at key “release points” in the body, C.A.T. harnesses the experience of 1000 years in a single touch.

Using a very light touch in a specific sequence (Bowen Therapy), while working along the energy and nerve pathways (Acupoints), and affecting pain and constriction in every muscle, tendon, and ligament of the body (Trigger Point) – C.A.T. addresses the source of the issues, not just the symptoms.

Encouraging complete balance of the Nervous System – C.A.T. addresses physical, emotional, mental, and physiological issues at their “core”.  Although it only requires a simple and gentle touch, C.A.T. goes so much deeper than it seems.  The body is so intelligent it only takes a slight reminder through a neurological “nudge”, so-to-speak, to “re-set” itself to it’s original self-healing capability.

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Canine AcuTouch Patient

Canine AcuTouch Treatments. Elizabeth of Elizabeth's Pet Sittting's own dog, Hunter, has a painful joint that the doctors cannot diagnose. He has great results after 3 treatments.

There is no placebo effect with C.A.T.  Animals do not “analyze” whether a therapy works or not.  Dogs wear their internal changes on the “outside”, so the results with C.A.T. are apparent.