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Bowen is extremely gentle, safe, and holistic - it balances the body physically, mentally, emotionally, and physiologically. Working on the acupoints of the body (like acupuncture without needles) Bowen encourages long term relief of pain and chronic issues.

As a Bowen Practitioner for more than 20+ years, I have helped numerous clients with all types of issues, such as: Tourettes, TMJ, Migraines, Back Pain, Knee issues, Hip Imbalance, Plantar Fasciitis, Female Issues, Prostate Issues and much more.

After sustaining a serious injury, I knew that if I ever recovered I wanted to help others with that same severity of pain. My career as a massage therapist only temporarily relieved the pain but when I became a Bowen Practitioner I discovered that this work addresses the issues at the core for long term relief.

I provide in office appointments as well as concierge outcalls for my clients:
The Mill Valley location is 147 Lomita Drive, Ste. A, Mill Valley, CA 94941

The concierge appointments are available in and around Marin County as well as Monterey County.
You may reach Barb for an appointment on her cell number: (916) 804-0077